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With over 11 years of having a successful photography business, Niki Schiavo has photographed thousands of babies, families, weddings, children, high school seniors, women, pets, couples and special events.

She as been told she has magic with babies and a gift of kindness with children..while being considered "cool and friend-like" on high school senior shoots. Modern Image Photography has become one of Upper Michigan's top portrait photography studios. Offering all natural lights as well as epic on location and studio lighting services.

Niki has been recognized in educating & mentoring as well as maintaining client relationships for years. In 2017, she can now say she is a destination wedding photographer as she captured her first wedding couple in Mexico.

She is a believer in the experience of a photo session, something that can be remembered for years to come. She is has mastered natural light but can also change gears and use different light techniques that took years to learn.

While photo sessions themselves are something she enjoys doing, the editing and creating the images is her favorite part.

Niki also has been married for 15 years. She has a gorgeous step-daughter who is attending graduate school at the University Madison for Pharmacy and 3 handsome & wild boys who mean everything to her. She loves long walks, classic rock music, bike rides, drinking wine, snow storms, laughter with old friends, going on dates with her husband, and getting lost in a good film.

Driven and an determined by heart, she started a second business in 2014: PIXEL and boutique coming in 2019. An all natural plant based, bath and body shop and women & girls clothing line. Which started as just a small side business, has grown to expansion in 2019. The cool and interesting part is not only she has created beautiful works of art in her studio, she has also created this second business in the same building and gave her product cool names like: Oh Snap, Capture and Lightroom.

"If you love what you do, you just....well, become really good at's really that simple....and you have to work really, really hard to never stop learning how to do your best"-Niki